Groceries tracker launched by mySupermarket, the independent shopping and comparison website, has launched the mySupermarket Groceries Tracker, a comprehensive look at the price of a weekly grocery shop. mySupermarket can reveal that a shopping basket in January 2015 cost £88.13, a 2.33% drop compared to December 2014 when the same basket cost £90.24. The cost of a weekly shop in January 2015 is also a 5.09% drop compared to January 2014 when the same basket cost £92.86

The tracker – an industry first – will cover the same 35 products each month that are the most commonly purchased at supermarkets. It covers nearly 5,000 products in total and includes Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Waitrose and Morrisons. (See the full list of products below).

mySupermarket can reveal that the products that have increased the most in the past month were cola drinks (brand and own brand, up 3.25%), squash drinks (up 2.18%), cucumbers (up 2%) and carrots (up 1%). The products that have dropped the most in price were broccoli (down 15%), grapes, (down 14.5%), potatoes (down 11.33%) and eggs (down 7.7%).

The mySupermarket Groceries Tracker will also look at own brand categories and each month unveil the best supermarket to visit for certain types of own brand groceries:

  • Ocado was best priced for both baby products as well as cereals
  • Morrisons was the best place to shop for pet products, taking the mantle from Aldi who was cheapest in December
  • Morrisons was also cheapest for frozen products
  • For those with a sweet tooth, Asda was the best supermarket to find own brand snacks and sweets
  • Aldi was best priced dairy products, fruits & vegetables and ready meals

Gilad Simhony, CEO of mySupermarket, commented on the findings:“With a saving of almost a fiver on their weekly shop compared to a year ago, shoppers up and down the UK should be delighted to see a welcome break in one area of their personal finances. This is great news for shoppers and demonstrates the impact of the supermarket price war. We still see, however, that items change in price frequently across all of the supermarkets, meaning it is more important than ever to compare prices as the difference between supermarkets as well as brand and own brand items can be huge.”

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