LatestFreeStuff reveals most bizarre money saving ideas

Bizarre ways people try to save money.

Finding ways to save cash will always be a popular topic – who’s going to argue that it’s a bad idea? The thing is, there’s clever shopping… and then there’s the just plain bizarre!

Freebie platform , has recently announced the launch of their brand new tablet app, available on both the iOS and android platforms. The unique release is designed to provide customers with a simple way to get their hands on top brand freebies and samples, at the touch of a button. Following the launch of their new app LatestFreeStuff has been looking at some of the weird and wonderful ways that people have been finding to pinch their pennies. Unfortunately, what might seem like a good idea in theory, doesn’t always work out well in practise.

There are many perfectly sensible ways to cut your outgoing cash, but for many people this isn’t quite enough and they start looking for innovative ways to tighten their purse strings.




Ten Mistaken Money Saving Ideas

  1. 1.      Gym subscriptions. Keeping fit is a very good thing, and a gym subscription can save you cash, but only if you use it. If you only go once a week, pay on demand is the more frugal approach.
  2. 2.      Bargain hunting. Everyone loves to bag a bargain, but if you’re driving miles just to find the best deals you’ll probably spend more on fuel than you saved on your shopping.
  3. 3.      Water divining. Bottled water costs money. Tap water costs money too, so some people have taken to collecting their own. The problem is that untreated water has the potential to make us very, very ill, and in towns and cities will often be polluted. Is a saving of 0.097p per litre worth a trip to hospital and a week off work?
  4. 4.      Buy Now Pay Later. BNPL offers can be fantastic if you need something quickly, but haven’t got the cash, and you’re no worse off if you meet your payments on time. However, most of us don’t. Planning and budgeting are the best approach to a big purchase; otherwise you may just find that you’ve paid twice as much as you needed to.
  5. 5.      Ditching the toilet roll. We’ll leave this one to your imagination, but it involves the use of a bottle of water and your… erm… hands… . There are so many reasons why this is wrong.
  6. 6.      The card sharp. Spending extra on things you don’t need just to avoid the fees of a credit card machine isn’t the most sensible course of action. Ever.
  7. 7.      Pedal to the metal. Driving faster actually consumes more fuel, so putting your foot down in the hope that you’ll reach your destination before the fuel gauge reaches zero is actually self-defeating.
  8. 8.      Roadkill dining. If the ancient life of the hunter-gatherer appeals to you, then eating roadkill might not turn your stomach. However, care is needed – if the animal died of other causes, or has been there longer than you thought, you might be inviting a bout of gastroenteritis.
  9. 9.      Taking the bait. ‘If you spend £10 we’ll give you an amaaaaaaazing 15% discount!’ This is fine, and a good bait to be taken, but only if you were intending to spend £10 in the first place. Otherwise, you’ve just let yourself be conned!
  10. 10.   Bulk buying. Buying big can save you stacks, but only if you’re able to use it/eat it before it goes out of date. Cleaning products and toilet roll (we’re back to the toilet again!) will always last, but a 3for2 on watermelons is only a good idea if you have a very strong constitution!


Deepak Tailor founder of comments: ‘Brits are innovators by nature; we like to find ways to make the most of what we’ve got – we shop canny – we live carefully – we sometimes make mistakes. Unfortunately, what might seem like a good idea in theory, doesn’t always work out well in practise. Having said that once we’ve worked out the more advantageous ways to save, cutting costs is a wonderful way to help pay for our day to day living expenses or help us save for that holiday, wedding, or other special occasion.’

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